Digital mania has officially arrived. The playing field has been leveled, and the number of authors, self-published and otherwise, is exploding. Although everybody is buzzing about how to market, most are failing to sell. Only when you have a killer book will you be able to hook the modern reader.

    DIGITAL INK is the first book on writing for the e-book age that focuses on craft. In a world where buying decisions depend on the click of a button and the appeal of a first chapter, you need to know how to create a hook that delivers. You need living, breathing characters and conflict that is organic to your story. And because many writers are now publishing their own e-books, you need to know the tricks of self-editing.

    Humorous, succinct and unapologetically opinionated, DIGITAL INK shows both beginning and established writers how to stand out in the explosive and potentially profitable e-book market.

Do you want to build a writing career in the e-book age? DIGITAL INK will show you how.